Better Choice for Hard Water: Water Softener or Water Conditioner?

You will easily know if the water is hard or not by the visible signs on your clothes and other home appliances.

Are your favourite garments fading off its colours? Do you see a white scale lining on the utensils and even on the plumbing? Then this is the sure sign of the Hard Water.

Better Choice for Hard Water: Water Softener or Water Conditioner?

You may have come across two systems – Water Softener and Water Conditioner. Which one should you prefer for the softening? Does it perform the same operation? We will find out.

When should I choose a Water Softener

After you have confirmed that you need to solve out the water hardness problem, you will end up with two system choices. One is the Water Softener, and the other one is the Water Conditioner.

When should I choose a Water Softener?

Water Softeners are the devices which help in removing the hard minerals out of the water. They make use of the ion-exchange method, and replace out the calcium and magnesium with the sodium ions.

If you got to reduce the hardness and get it removed in the best way – go for the Water Softeners. You could choose from a saltless to a salt-based softener. Choose the suitable one as per your requirement. Some people are on a salt-less diet, so for them the saltless softeners will do the job.

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About the Water Conditioners and their Use

Coming to the Conditioners, they do not remove the minerals but rather change their molecular structure. With this change in molecular design, it won’t stick on the pipes, plumbing and other appliances. So, this system of conditioners simply retain the minerals in the water, making the water soft and less sticky on other home gadget.

About the Water Conditioners

Following are the instance when you should opt for a water conditioner over a softener –

  • If you want the water to be less slippery in nature.
  • Less on the maintenance compared to the watersoftener. Conditioners do not require any salt for the processing, so no more refilling.
  • Go for the conditioners if you want to reduce the scaling on the pipes.
  • Less amount of water is wasted compared to the softeners.
  • Easy on the installation part.

These are the instances which you go through for deciding whether to buy a Conditioner or not.

Coming to our Question!

See, both the options be it Softener or Conditioner performs equally good. Both of them are effective in their own way. There is nothing as such that one system is better than the other. If you want to eliminate the hard minerals from the water supply, then strictly opt for a softener. For those who just wish to reduce the effects of the hard water rather than removing the minerals out – go for a Conditioner.