3M Filtrete 3US-PS01 Under-Sink Advanced Water Filtration System

Keeping our family’s health and safety is anybody’s primary concern. And when it comes to drinking water, we stand to be conscious and watchful on how to maintain the cleanness and purity of this necessary fluid. Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of emerging water purification systems that we used to read on ads, TV or and mostly on the internet.

Various procedures on how to purify and filter tap water at home have been introduced. Maybe, some have frequently used these water filter systems and found out good results. But for sure, if you are new to this concept of water cleaning process, you’ll go for the best water filter, right? Anyone would pay for the cost just to ensure the wellness of their family by installing at home a reliable type of water purification system.

Drinking water is a vital need and for most homes that rely on tap water, the taste is really a matter of consideration. This is the purpose why filter methods are created- to give us good tasting, odorless water. And if you’re interested about that, there are lots of water filtration systems that can answer your meticulous standards and satisfy your family’s needs.

In the first place, water filter reviewsalways give us important facts and details about the most popular filter systems that are found in the market. These in-depth guides help us understand well the product before we decide to buy it. These also provide us the advantages and drawbacks in order to warn us or inform about its benefits compared to other brands.

So if you want to find the best water filter for your home, it’s good to read and analyze water filter reviews like this. And speaking about water filter systems, I want to introduce Filtrete 3US-PS01, an advance water purifying technology made to provide you clean and pure drinking water.

3M Filtrete 3US PS01-Under-Sink


The best water filter must come up with easy-to-use methods and components to really convince you that it’s worth the purchase. For Filtrete under-sink water filtration, you are confident that it can cater you cleaner and great tasting water. Basically, it is certified efficient in removing parasitic organisms from your tap water.

We don’t see these harmful organisms but the water filter can do that for you. It can also reduce the amount of sediments and decrease the chlorine taste and odor of the water. While the process of filtration goes on, Filtrete maintains the water’s full flow. And as you remove and change the filters, it doesn’t bring any mess because it’s quick and easy to set up. The push-in fitting approach provides you hassle-free installation.

In particular, installing the filter system is a main concern. We want it easy and quick. This is what actually Filtrete is all about. With just a twist, great tasting water can be acquired fresh from your faucet in a convenient way. The products are trouble-free to put up, with no clutter, enduring stand-in filters that can be replaced in just s simple way. More than that, the use of filtered water from your home is a smart substitute to bottled mineral water which is another costly expense.

The filter set up can be done in less than 30 minutes. What you need are two important tools, a screw driver and an adjustable wrench. First, using the wrench, turn off the supply of cold water and remove supply line to the faucet. Next, install push-in gears to both cold water and faucet supply line.

Then, right at the under sink area, install the filter mounting bracket and then attach the filter to it. After that, connect and fit the supply line and faucet with the tubing. And finally, enjoy cleaner, better tasting water as you turn on the water supply. The replacement filters, fittings and detailed instructions are included in the whole package.


In reality, no one can assure the quality of a product unless you’ve tried it on your own. However, the testimonials of people who have tested that product can attest to the claims, just like finding the best water filter system. Deciding to purchase a water filter product is a crucial thing because it concerns the health of our family. We really need to look for a brand that’s reliable and dependable.

Clean and safe water is a necessity in life so for that matter alone, the right choice should prevail. Filtrete Under-Sink Filtration responds well to these major standards. Various water filter reviews appreciate will the performance of this product. Here are the summary of advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages: 3M Filtrete 3US-PS01 Under-Sink Advanced Water Filtration System 

  • It’s a respectable unit by virtue of its good taste of water.
  • Simplicity and convenience could make it the best water filteravailable.
  • Endorsed by NSF or National Science Foundation-this is a trusted brand.
  • Filter replacement is a nice deal and the filters are at a reasonable price.
  • It removes chlorine taste and odor of the water.  Installation and directions is quick and easy.

Disadvantages: 3M Filtrete 3US-PS01 Under-Sink Advanced Water Filtration System

It demands another set of compression fitting.Somehow, other customers complained about the slow flow. Flow rate is slightly diminished.


Choosing the best water filter is a serious task. It concerns the health and wellness of our loved ones so you should not go wrong. Filtrete Under-Sink Filtration is your good choices as it guarantees cleaner and safer drinking water, fresh from your tap source.

3M Filtrete 3US PS01

The great features and enhanced performance of this decent unit can convince any mom or dad to make a smart purchase. It’s suggested by National Science Foundation so you’re confident that it’s proven and tested. Technical wise, the installation can be done in less than 20 minutes and doesn’t need any modifications to the existing components under your sink.

Water filter reviews approved its convenience and the price is worth the quality. Overall, this water filter is highly recommended because it produces tangible benefits.


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