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In a health-conscious world, most of us are becoming watchful in anything we take into our body. That includes the food we eat and the water we drink. For water concerns, we have known several methods in making our drinking water clean and pure. We go for reverse osmosis, the idea of filter systems and the use of bottled water. But not all of us are aware that not all water purifying systems can guarantee a hundred percent pure water.

As what other studies reveal, there are still suspended pollutants and toxins that aren’t removed even by the best water filter systems. On the other hand, the concept of water distillation claims for safest and cleanest water.

It has been approved by various laboratories that only distilled water is the most eco-friendly and healthiest kind of water to drink. And this might be the reason for the emergence of various water distillers.

The impression about water distillers and filters gives us awareness that our water should be safe and free from harmful contaminants. This is a serious issue for all of us especially today that pollution has overtaken both air and water. We need a trusted system to purify our tap water and keep us from possible hazards of detrimental toxins and chemicals. Straightforwardly, we must have the best water filter to answer that common problem.

But, how do we critically evaluate a water filtration system? What must be the criteria to look to and should we trust water filter reviews? Browse down in this entire review and discover a reliable water distiller that might fit your personal standards in water purification.

Megahome Water Distiller


Mega Home’s Water Distiller is the most popular and best rated distiller on Amazon. This product features efficient distillation of one gallon within 5 to 6 hours or an output of over 4 gallons per day. It comes with safety shut-off and is approved by Underwriters Laboratories. The Glass Collection offers a 30-day money back guarantee and one year guarantee.

This counter top white distiller for Nutriteam is made with stainless steel on the interior part and durable white on the outside. It also includes a glass nozzle, which is a better alternative than plastic. As you purchase the package, you will have a water distiller, six packs of charcoal filters, 1 gallon glass collection bottle, and residue cleaner.

The convenience of distillation at your home gives you the confidence of drinking the purest and freshest water. Plus, the company offers a money back guarantee. It’s also good to know that this steam distiller can produce 1 gallon of distilled water in just 5.5 hours. Filling the water is safe and easy as you do it manually. This kind of pure water is recommended for various appliances especially coffee makers at home.

How safe and clean is distilled water?

Distillation produces distilled water like that of nature’s hydrologic cycle. The stages of heating, vaporization and sterilization assure 100% clean, safe and great tasting water. With distillation, contaminants like toxins, bacteria, viruses and chemicals are left behind and then poured down on the drain.

Though many myths or fictions are attributed to distillers, many laboratories have approved the purity and freshness of water it provides. In fact, many sensibly respected doctors have recommended distilled water for their patients. And one more thing, distillers are cheaper compared to RO system filters so it’s a great choice for budget-conscious consumers.


As I’ve said, there are arguments about water distillation but it has been resolved. Clearly speaking, distilled water from Nutriteam’s counter top distiller is 100 % clean and safe. Water filter reviews appreciate this system of purification and has been approved by Underwriters Laboratories. This best rated product of Amazon seeks to answer everybody’s standards in providing their families with pure drinking water. In short, it could be the best water filter in its category.

Let’s get into the specific advantages of the product as well as the drawbacks, based from the testimonials of consumers who have purchased the filter system.

 Advantages: MegaHome Water Distiller

  • It works as it was advertised; no gimmicks.
  • It’s a solid piece of work and useful as ever, based from the updates of water filter reviews.
  • The design makes it easier to clean up and maintain.
  • The collection container fits inside the main partition when you don’t use it.
  • The claim of 4 gallons per day is accurate; it does the work great.
  • The distilled water from this unit is good for cleaning LCD screens.
  • Wonderful taste of water; fresher and cleaner.
  • When you make coffee using distilled water adds consistency and delicious taste.
  • The system is cheaper to buy.
  • Overall, it’s a reliable system of distillation and certainly the best water filter in the line of distillers.

 Disadvantages: MegaHome Water Distiller

  • The cooling fan found at the top is pretty loud but not enough to disturb conversations.
  • You can’t easily shove the item to a certain place when not in use because of its size but if you used it frequently for cooking, drinking and making ice cubes, the occupied space is worth the functionality.
  • Some water filter reviews said that cleaning the unit is a pain. The accumulated substances at the bottom of the distiller need to be soaked in vinegar to scrub it off.
  • The carafe is hard and is difficult to pour from when it‘s already full.
  • Takes some time to distill 1 gallon


Distillers provide us practical solutions for the usual problems of water contaminants. The process of distillation has been a traditional way of water purification like that of hydrologic cycle.  Stages of sterilization and purification are directed towards producing drinkable water which is 100% free of pollutants, toxins and other microorganisms.

Megahome Water


Plus, respected doctors have recommended this to their patients and also advisable to children. No doubt, many consumers purchased this machine to cater them great tasting water for their coffee sessions, cooking and cleaning tasks. Make a smart purchase for yourself with Nutriteam’s counter top water distiller. At a right price, the best water filter could serve you all year round.

Currently as of January 2012, there are 159 reviews in for Megahome Water Distiller. 111 happy customers gave their 5star for this product and only 5 people gave it a 1star rating. This simply states that this product will do as it is advertised and a lot of customers of Megahome water Distiller are happy with their purchase.

So if you are looking for a simple water filter that doesn’t need any installation and a product that will last for a long time, Megahome Water Distiller is the product for you.

Megahome Water Distiller will roughly cost for about $180 but you will really get value for your money and this product will last for a long time.

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