Tap Master TMAFC Artesian Full Contact Reverse Osmosis Under Counter Water Filtration System Review

Clean water is one basic need that we don’t want to compromise especially in this present age where we are sometimes anxious about health and wellness. Science has produced various means to have cleaner water through the use of filtration systems. This hydration system uses the RO or reverse osmosis process to come up with safer and purer water.

While looking for the most reliable filtration systems, it is necessary to research or at least read some water filter reviews to make the idea more convincing.

For health conscious folks, it is a normal thing to be smart in making decisions especially that water is a drinking necessity. And with that, this review is focused on a certain water filtration product that may suit your standards. Let’s get to know, Tap Master TMAFC Water Filtration System.

Reverse Osmosis Under Counter Water Filtration

Features: Tap Master TMAFC Water Filtration System

Tap Master is committed to give its consumers with quality products and services with its best water filter system. This vital water purifying approach provides clean and pure Mineralized Tap Water by removing unwanted minerals and restoring calcium in a process called reverse osmosis.

Its exceptional purification takes away 98 % of sediments, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, heavy metals and other pollutants and replacing it with good necessary minerals. The product is equipped with a filter component and filter housing contained in one unit assembly. This gives you the convenience and quickness of changing the setup annually, without needing to use wrenches.

The modular setup has advanced long-term filters, 1 year supply of filter alterations and holds 2,500 gallon capacity. Also included in the package is a Fast Flow Reverse Osmosis Kit that doubles the flow of faucet water, filling your cup two-times as quickly as typical RO methods.

A better Reverse-Osmosis system

The RO system of Tap Master boasts its own way of solving different problems connected with traditional versions of Reverse Osmosis. The industry introduces larger fixtures and tubing compared to usual RO approach producing a double portion of flow rate. Usual RO systems generate demineralized kind of water and although it is greatly pure, it has some disadvantages because it is a little acidic.

As what we all know, acidic substances damages things, so is the rubber bag in the tank, penetrating the stream of water and eventually influencing the taste. The company’s signature Tap Master Artesian Full Contact brings back the minerals in the water two times than the other brands.

Patented system of remineralization

Tap Master’s signature system of remineralization balances the pH of water once it flows to the storage container. The process is repeated as the water goes to the faucet by putting in a small salt quantity and 30-60 milligrams per liter of magnesium minerals. This makes the water a little alkaline and enhances the taste.

Scientific process that produces good result

This kind of water filtration system gives you the best results for healthier water at home. Mineral Water on Tap is being delivered by the Artesian Full Contact by a series of careful and delicate processes. First, the water goes in the phase of stripping to make it clean. This assures you of taking out up to 98% of chemicals, chlorine, dissolved solids, heavy metals, and other pollutants.

This is done through the use of reverse osmosis and followed by carbon and sediment filtration. Once the water is filtered, it goes to another phase of patented remineralization method two times for the purpose of adding magnesium minerals and calcium from a brand new source.

Exceptionally safe and pure water

As a health conscious person, you won’t settle for anything that compromises the wellness and safety of your family. This is a major content from various water filter reviews as expressed by consumers. And Tap Master is dedicated to that concern so it employs the most modern ways to come up with a cleaner water to drink.

Using the seven phases of filtering processes, refinement and enhancing procedures, you’ll be confident that this system will provide you remarkably pure, Tap mineral water.

Sophisticated design

Tap Master comes with an elegant mixture of flow control components which are incorporated into the system construction. This is designed for pressure regulation in the 50 gallons-per-day membrane compartment for perfected purification as well as minimized production of waste water. The product’s sophisticated module is NSF certified regarding the standards of the design and overall construction of the product.

What’s in the total package?

If you want to purchase one of this awesome water filter system, you are to get a purification unit which is fully assembled, one year supply of filters, storage tank, feed water device of 3/8 inches including a shut off, faucet adapter, extra faucet, drain saddle, tfc Reverse Osmosis membrane, and manual for instructions. It is backed with 5 years of exclusive warranty.

Advantages: Tap Master TMAFC Water Filtration System

Securing the health of our family is an indispensable thing to consider. At home, we always see to it that whatever they eat or drink should be safe and nutritious. Drinking water is one of the major concerns of every mom or dad that is why many have resorted to buying filtration systems.

Tap Master have impressed us with its own kind of water purifying process. Seeing a lot of water filter reviews, I found out that this product is doing well with our customers. Here’s what our valued consumers say about this best water filter system.

  • You don’t need to be a plumber to install the system because it’s easy to set up. It can be done for just less than an hour- got no trouble.
  • once the valves are changed out, it is smooth sailing
  • the water taste excellently (most water filter reviews love this fact)
  • changing the filter is done once in a year, and they last longer
  • good choice for nutrition conscious
  • overall, the product is terrific
  • excellent customer support

Disadvantages: Tap Master TMAFC Water Filtration System

While many have approved the performance of this water filtration system, there are small drawbacks that can be attributed to the product. These can be read from various water filter reviews online. Let’s take a look about these minor complaints.

the flexible copper pipes have the propensity to crack over time, which may result to flooding if it happens you really have to wait for the pressure to come out after you install the whole system the cost is expensive.

Under Counter Water Filtration


Clean water is a basic necessity. If you want the best water filter system in town, Tap Master RO system is your great choice. It’s easy to install and produces excellent taste of water. The price won’t really matter if the performance is really incredible. The system is well rated by consumers who have tested it. It doesn’t matter whether you’re from a rural or urban area. Personally, this thing is highly recommended. The old saying “you get what you pay for” applies.

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