WaterChef® Premium Shower Filter System SF-7C (Polished Chrome)

WaterChef Premium Shower Filter Systemcomes complete with stylish quality and powerful technology using its two-stage filtration process. This innovation from WaterChef is crafted from the finest materials and certified by NSF International, the leading authority in water industry.

It features a deluxe shower wand that works on flexible positions and 4 adaptable spray patterns including Pulsating Massage. Part of its trusted performance is a set of accessories that serve up ultimate versatility for people. The rubber spray nozzles have anti-clogging capacity and insures continuous, stable shower stream.

The 5 ft metal hose along with metal fittings provides convenience as you take a shower or wash your pets of all sizes. WaterChef is backed by Money-Back Guarantee of 60 days and three years full warranty.

WaterChef® Premium Shower Filter System SF-7C (Polished Chrome)


Filtration Method

Start breathing a bit easier while taking control of your beauty and health. WaterChef SF-7C uses revolutionary ThermalGuard technology that extensively minimizes your vulnerability to chlorine. This catalytic carbon mechanism allows for keeping your body’s proteins and skin oils intact which leads to instant cosmetic benefits.

The filtered water of this device makes your hair softer and more manageable, minimizes eye infection and turns your skin smoother and healthier. In addition, you will observe that you use less conditioner and soap, and if you apply hair color stuff, you may enjoy longer-lasting effect between treatments. In simple terms, the WaterChef Premium Shower Filter is definitely the answer to feeling revitalized.


The fantastic shower water filterinstalls quickly onto your current shower arm in few minutes. You don’t need tools to set it up. The accessories included with the apparatus makes for flexible usage particularly the anti-clog spray nozzle and the durable 5-feet metal hose.

Its deluxe shower wand works both hand-held and stationary positions and has four adaptable spray modes including Pulsating Massage. WaterChef shower filter definitely combines luxury and performance in the palm of your hand.

Filtration Capacity

WaterChef earns NSF certification by meeting the strict standards being imposed by the leading authority and assures credible and reliable performance. The shower water filter cuts out excess shower chlorine with a flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute. For that fact, it is guaranteed that your shower experience will be more refreshing –free from chemical substances and volatile organic compounds.

Color and Dimension

WaterChef shower water filter is available in different finishes–brushed nickel, polished brass and polished chrome. It weighs 4.6 pounds or 2.1 kilograms.

Additional Features

Moreover, the US-made filter apparatus has additional features to boast for. It has earned a Standard 177 seal from NSF and ANSI for its superior chlorine reduction. The product also includes pre-installed cartridge and comes BPA free and Eco-Smart which means it fosters both environmental and health benefits.

Included Accessories

Get excited with a whole box of surprise for your shower room as you purchase this water filter product. For a reasonable price, you’ll have the stylish and powerful shower water filter, deluxe shower wand, metal flex hose with metal sittings and full three year limited warranty.

 Product PROs

This premium shower filter from WaterChef provides the ultimate flexibility for its consumers. As revealed by noted reviews, it has positioned itself among the top choices in the industry and holds the following advantages:

  • Construction- seems to be made of durable and high quality components.
  • Design- looks great and aesthetically finished.
  • Installation- easy to set up and system parts are working well.
  • Accessories: The adjustable shower wand is great for customized use.
  • Flow rate- at 2.5 gallons per minute, you won’t find any problem with its filtration capacity.
  • Quality of water- majority of customer reviews exposed that there is a big difference on the smell of water; chlorine is removed and the shower just feels smoother to the skin.
  • Excellent spray pressure and multiple spray settings.
  • Price-it’s just right; very reasonably-priced
  • It’s environmental friendly and certified by the industry’s leading health authorities.

Product CONs

While going through various review sites about shower water filters, there were no apparent complaints about the product so far. Probably consumers didn’t find anything wrong about the unit or maybe up to this time WaterChef has made its patrons fully satisfied with their products.

Consumer Ratings

No wonder, WaterChef’s Premium Shower Filter System garnered a perfect 5 star rating from Amazon itself. However, only few reviews were recorded on the site so the rating only justifies the number of product reviews. Needless to say, the overall quality and performance of the filter system is really impressive so it deserves to be called one of the standards in its line of water filter technologies.


WaterChef® Premium Shower Filter System SF-7C

Given the fact that WaterChef earned a perfect 5 star on Amazon, it’s undeniable that the score represents the majority of homeowners and customers who were contented with the functionality of the device. Aside from that, the price of the shower filter is practically inexpensive and looking into its outstanding track record will certainly guarantee a dependable and credible service that any valued customer seeks for. As a whole, WaterChef is a brand worth recommendable!

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