Watts Premier 531130 Filter-Pure UF-3 3-Stage Water Filtration System

Watts Premier 531130 Water Filtration Systemis an outstanding water filter device that features three stages of filtration providing cleaner, healthier drinking water directly from the top source. Aside from contaminant reduction, the water filter utilizes Hollow-Fiber technology to capture and eliminate even the smallest particles from your water. It is housed in a design that economizes space, perfect for any apartment or house and can be installed in just few minutes.

Watts Premier 531130 Filter-Pure


Filtration Method

Watts Premier 531130 uses the specially-formulated filtration technology which works efficiently in three stages. After the device is connected to your tap source, the water flows through a 5-micron filter that traps sediments. Second, it passes through the durable 1-micron carbon block filter to reduce chemical substance including lead.

And lastly, it reaches the semi-permeable membrane of the Hollow-Fiber mechanism. This process involves the removal of suspended particles and other substances which later provides you with nothing but fresh and great tasting water.

During the entire process, the water filter effectively traps and eliminates toxic microorganisms that stay in your potable water including giardia, cryptosporidia, toxoplasma and entamoeba as well as various kinds of chemicals–from pesticides, herbicides to gas additives and disinfection byproducts.

Installation and Replacement

Watts UF-3 comes with a unique assembly along with its swivel valve and push-button operation that enables the user to easily install the device. It also features sanitary filter replacements that only takes a single step of setup and don’t need you to turn off the water source.

Given the convenience and comfort, Watts Premier 531130 Water Filtration System is widely used not just at home but also by water treatment operations in municipal hospitals and plants. This filtration device has the ability to run at low pressures and it will not change your water pH. In addition, the device does not require independent storage tank or electricity to function.

Filtration Capacity

According to estimates, one-fifth of the water supplies of the nation are contaminated with volatile organic materials. And with this terrible reality, Watts UF-3 seeks to rescue our crucial need for clean and safe drinking water. It is built to answer the problems of water safety from municipal and home-based sources by using its high end filtration process. The NSF-certified water filter from Watts can filter up your tap water efficiently and it’s guaranteed safe and quality for your family.

Color and Dimension

The compact and heavy-duty filter design of Watts UF-3 has a dimension of 9 x 3.5 x 14 inches and weighs 6.9 pounds.

Additional Features

Watts Premier 531130 UF-3 is an eco-smart choice of water filters. This product contributes in minimizing the detrimental effects of using bottles water. In fact, during the lifecycle of an individual water filter, you can save plastic bottles (up to 15,000) from being dumped into landfills.

Aside from the environmental benefits, the whole package itself features a complete set of fittings, state of the art ceramic valve, non-airgap faucet (Euro style polished nickel) and holds WQA Certification to ANSI/NSF Standard 42 and 53.

Included Accessories

Water is an essential need for any human being. It’s critical to proper digestion, brain function, kidney health, blood health and more. This fact reminds us to count on Watts Premier 531130 for safe and clean water to drink. As you think about purchasing one, you’ll have the Watts UF-3 module, complete set of filters and components, faucet bag, parts bag, instruction manual and a three-year limited warranty.

Product PROs

Watts Premier 531130 remains a standard in the industry with its proven and tested performance. Created with high end technologies, this water filter is definitely your modern approach to pollution problems in water. People who purchase this module found the following advantages:

  • Overall Packaging- Pretty design and well-built construction; the faucet is durable and attractive. Connectors are of higher quality.
  • Installation- very, very easy to assemble; push-button convenience.
  • Water Quality- Great taste and excellent water stream.
  • Filter Replacement- Can be done effortlessly; only requires a single filter substitute.
  • Filtration- using three stages of filtration assures clean and safe water, free from contaminants and other health-risks.
  • Price- compared to other brands, this one is a cheaper alternative.

Product CONs

Though many reviews praised the outstanding features of Watts UF-3, there are also few drawbacks that customers found in the product. Most of them are regarding the assembly of the device and also the leaking issues.

  • Some regret the fact that it’s not an RO system; it does not work as high as RO in terms of filtration.
  • The instructions on the manual are quite messy.
  • As mentioned earlier, there are leak problems because of the plastic fittings.

Consumer Ratings

“Great tasting water and high quality faucet… Built quality excellent…Easy to install… Effortless filter exchange…” These headlines on various reviews speak for the impressive impact of Watts UF-3 in different homes and municipal water treatment projects.

In fact, this is one of the highly reviewed water filters on the web and Amazon’s consumers did not hesitate to give it a satisfactory average rating of 4 stars out of perfect 5. Still, that score poses a beautiful remark for those who are searching for dependable water filter models out there.

Watts Premier 531130 Filter


Watts Premier 531130 Water Filtration Systemis a great water filter option for any consumer who wants easy and effortless installation, filter replacement and high end filtration process. Considering the price, it’s still a better choice because it is cheaper than the leading brands in the market. So if you’re looking for the best water filter to meet your expectations, this amazing product is highly recommended for you. Best for under sink with limited area.

P.S. If your under sink has a large area then we recommend you consider getting Watts Premier RO-Pure 4-Stage Reverse Osmosis System.

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